4. - 5. 9. 2014
Biomimicry, people, and money to meet in Switzerland

At the end of this summer bankers, scientists, and other aficionados will meet in Zurich to explore innovations inspired by nature, which derive primarily from the structural characteristics of living organisms and ecosystems. Under the umbrella of the Biomimicry Europe Innovation and Finance Summit, they plan to visit, among others, the local Zoo. In a nutshell, the conference agenda focusses on the so popular biomimicry and their possible link to the world of business and finance. This year, the organisers plan to focus primarily on issues related to the promisingly developing 3D printing technology.

The 2nd Biomimicry Europe Innovation and Finance Summit, an interdisciplinary event uniting financial experts, scientists, and researchers, will take place in Zurich, Marriott Hotel, from 4th to 5th September 2014.  This event is open to multinational corporations and project teams looking for partners in science and research, business, or financing. It will be attended by financial experts and investors wishing to find investment opportunities, members of the academia and representatives of various science and research institutions, representatives of zoological and botanical gardens worldwide, non-profit organisations, and public authorities. In a nutshell, everybody, who takes an active interest in programmes promoting biodiversity as a nature inspired and economically feasible solution of problems, will be in Zurich.

As part of the conference agenda, participants will have an opportunity to make an evening excursion to the Zurich Zoo and its rain forest.  The rest of the conference is more traditional – there will be workshops, interactive working meetings and networking with leaders in innovations and financing. The key issue is the already mentioned 3D printing technology, sustainability, new materials, constructions, and design, current financial tools, business models and trends, technology transfer, and biodiversity. Speakers will also touch on the role of botanical and zoological gardens and the future of the cross border interdisciplinary cooperation across Europe and the world.

There will be altogether twenty six speakers, including Mary Tolikas from the Wyss Institute at Harvard. Samuel Furrer, a local expert, will deliver a presentation on the use of biomimicry at the Zurich Zoo. There will be speakers covering use of the 3D printing in education and a number of successful biomimicry related investments. The rich two day programme also includes an exhibition of visions and prototypes. Before July 20th, it is possible to register for a reduced advance fee (students receive further reductions) and exhibitors may register in the exhibitor section to try to find the right investor or partner for their activities.

The conference organisers believe that should we draw inspiration from nature and its principles, the design, technology, products and systems can be cost efficient and sustainable. Biomimicry in combination with proper financial models have the capacity of boosting the economic growth and sustainable economy.  Michael Pawlyn, a leading expert in biomimicry, says: ”Studying nature can help us find proper solutions to our problems.“ He often quotes synergy, optimisation, plenty, sustainable design. Do you like these words, too? Then follow the 3Bs - Biodiversity, Biomimicry, Business – and come to Zurich.

text: Tereza Lišková, illustration: Barbora Togel

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